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Managing a mobile workforce doesn’t have to be complex, but it can be fully automated.

Measure Efficiency

Support your mobile personnel and guarantee that they are doing what they are supposed to be doing in the most efficient way possible.

Ensure completion

We will guarantee tasks are completed following your rules. You will have all the information as if you were there.

You assign a task to a merchandiser in a remote location and we guarantee its completion to a 100%. On-time and according to your rules.

Daily execution reports

Measure the amount of tasks each mobile worker performs and get an execution report sent to your email daily. Get direct insights on effectivity and problems reported.

Task information

Look how much data each person of your team took in every task, download and analyze this information.

Shift log

Understand if your mobile workers are starting their shift where they are supposed to and on-time. Furthermore, measure how much time they are working overall.

Location-based image reports

Get precise information about who, when and where the data was collected. Cross reference with the task at hand and get context-rich information of all the media generated by your workforce.

Focus on your business while we automate the management and validation of your mobile operations.

Automated dispatch

Seamlessly schedule tasks for your mobile workers and let them execute.

Offline mode

Work offline seamlessly. Our app works under any network conditions and automagically syncs once it picks up cellular or Wi-Fi signal.

Actionable field reports

Once a field report is generated, an alert is sent to the person in charge of correcting the situation.

Geo-referenced Agenda

A task can only begin once the fieldworker is on site.

Field data collector

Collect field data through forms that are compatible with text, multiple choice, image, audio, number, email, or even yes/no questions.

Task completion tracking

Receive updates if the operation is not going as planned to correct course before it costs you.

Low battery consumption

MapTasking takes up very little battery for doing so much.

NFC and GPS evidences

Take advantage of Near Field Communication (NFC) and Global Positioning System (GPS) evidences to ease the data collection process.

Shift log

Keep a log of the amount of hours worked by each one of your fieldworkers based on location and activity.

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up to 10 mobile users

  • Up to 800 tasks
  • Up to 2 web users
  • Basic business support
  • All features included
  • $63 per additional user
  • One time setup fee of $950
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Up to 50 mobile users

  • Unlimited tasks
  • Unlimited web users
  • Advanced business support
  • All features included
  • $39 per additional user
  • One time setup fee of $1,450
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Up to 100 mobile users

  • Unlimited tasks
  • Unlimited web users
  • Enterprise support
  • All features included
  • $33 per additional user
  • One time setup fee of $2,600
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We will build a custom plan for you. Get in touch for pricing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is MapTasking customizable?

Yes, we can connect to any of your current systems. Everything can create a task, and you can guarantee its completion. Make sure to ask for our customization service.

Is this a safe tool to use?

Yes it is. MapTasking is cloud hosted in Microsoft’s Azure cloud and abides by all of Microsoft’s security procedures.

What happens if I change my mind and decide to downgrade?

You can always downgrade your plan to the Pay Per Task model if you feel that you are not taking full advantage of your plan.

How long does it take to implement?

For a new web user, to go from beginner to advanced user, it takes about two hours of training. The mobile app takes about thirty minutes of training to become an advanced user. But worry not, we will walk you through.

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